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24-Feb-2020 02:39

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CPAC and Breitbart, however, did not credit Yiannopoulos’ remarks on with their subsequent decisions; both orgs said they’d parted company with Yiannopoulos after seeing old video re-posted by conservative Reagan Battalion, showing Yiannopoulos endorsing sex between adult males and 13-year-old boys and remarking on his own underage relations with a Catholic priest.

Yiannapoulos since has apologized for the former and said his seemingly flippant remarks about his own underage sexual encounters were his way of dealing with the abuse.

HBO revealed the Emmy-award winning host of their longest-running late-night program going nowhere, despite three days of social media outrage and calls for the network to fire him after her used the phrase 'house n*****' on Friday.

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This time, the offending comic was Bill Maher, who on Friday evening suggested that Trump was involved in a sexual relationship with his daughter Ivanka, a close adviser who is said to have a moderating influence on her oft-intemperate father.

Black Enterprise decided to pose the question to our social media followers on Monday to get their take on the debate. The meme we created for Instagram, however, sparked a fiery ongoing debate.

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—Dear Starstruck: Based on the traits you listed, I'll give you as follows: Johnny Depp for suave and cool, Will Smith for strength and comedy, Meryl Streep for true bitchiness (but brilliance), Brad Pitt for masculinity and Angelina Jolie for sultriness and sexiness. LOL, Don't get mad now but that's pushing it big time! By the way, have any of them ever been the subject of a Blind Vice? Dear Ted: Of course you, they and I want Kristen Stewart's soul—she is very attractive, inside and outside—I'd read a whole encyclopedia about her! Do you have a page/column/etc., that a newbie can go and find out B. Or perhaps a loyal fan that has considered making a blog/page/etc., that narrows down wrong guesses that have been made? ) I'm completely addicted, but I'm having a difficult time sifting through all the info out there!… continue reading »

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:3 WATANABE At the end of the previous movie, we were asked to do the next one.… continue reading »

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